How do I participate in the virtual Hat Stroll?

WHEN? Monday 5 to Sunday 11 of April 2021.

HOW ? Take a photo of yourself wearing a hat. Make sure the image below is visible (you can be holding it, or it can be on the background).

You can print it (click on the image to enlarge), or you can draw a similar one at home and in your own style.

WHERE? Follow this link:
Upload only ONE photo . The image will be added to the event’s photo album and will allow us to know the number of participants.

HOW ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA?: Yes! We would love to see one photo or video every day on Instagram. Find out more here.

2 thoughts on “How do I participate in the virtual Hat Stroll?”

  1. On behalf of all the UK milliners and hatters, we send our love! A great idea to get us all together – and have seen some very good friends already!
    We even managed to have warm sunshine here in the UK.
    Take care and keep safe!
    Carole (Denford)
    Fashion Hat UK

  2. Thank you Carole, a huge success that we could not have anticipated, this an event people love and it’s heartwarming to see they want to participate from home. All our love from all the Spanish Milliners and the Spanish Milliners Association.
    Cristina de Prada (co-organizer of the Passejada amb Barret – Hat Stroll)

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