YES. This year, after two virtual editions of the Hat Stroll, we are looking forward to seeing each other face to face.

We will meet at Barcelona’s Rambla de Catalunya, where it intersects with Diagonal at noon. The commemorative badges will be distributed, hugs given, photos taken, and then we will stroll leisurely until reaching Plaça de Catalunya (upper side, where Apple store is) where we will meet again at 13:15.

Don’t forget your hat.

Of course. Many families participate in the Hat Stroll and all of them from old to young, wear something on their heads. A good preparatory activity for the children is to dedicate Saturday afternoon to hand craft their own hats out of cardboard.

Yes. From noon to 2 pm you can stroll at your leisure on Rambla de Catalunya between the sculpture of the Flirtatious Giraffe (Diagonal) and that of the Thinking Bull (Gran Via). After picking up you commemorative badge, all you have to do is enjoy the company and the surroundings, walk about or stop to chat with your friends, take pictures or sit down for a coffee, all while showing off your hat!

It’s completely FREE.

The Hat Stroll welcomes spring, so the ideal hat would be made out of straw or fabric, but it’s perfectly fine if you wear a felt hat, the important thing is to be comfortable. In what regards the style of clothing you can go as you please, there are people that dress up for the occasion, and others go wearing jeans and a t-shirt, the Hat Stroll is open to everyone!

Don’t let money keep you from participating. Go to a specialized shop, you will be surprised at the range of prices that you will find and very likely there’s something that matches your budget. You can also explore the family closets, you might be delighted by what you find there. There are people who have participated wearing a paper hat, why not?

We pick up our hats and our umbrellas. Even if it rains the Hat Stroll will go ahead.

The Hat Stroll attracts the attention of the press and all of those who participate enjoy taking pictures and video, even the tourists go crazy with their cameras. It’s inevitable to have your picture taken, so if you do not wish for that to happen you should not participate. Although, knowing how wonderful you look when you wear a hat, why should you not wish to have your picture taken?

Of couse! But when you take your camera, remember to grab a hat (narrow brim, so it doesn’t bump into the camera) or a cap!

Keep in mind that there are strict limitations to street photography imposed Spanish law, and we recommend that you always ask permission to the person before taking their picture.

If you would like to donate your photos or a selection of them for the promotion of the event, please contact us at pasejada@ambbarret.com

No… and yes… This event takes place on the street and anyone can go to Rambla de Catalunya dressed as they please. Having said that, the Hat Stroll is a participative event and what would be the point of going to a Hat Stroll WITHOUT a hat?

Please be aware that rather than being a Carnival, or costume event, this is a celebration of millinery, a chic showcase for hats as an expression of style!

Ever since the 4th edition of the Hat Stroll every year a limited edition commemorative badge has been made. To get yours you’ll just have to wear your hat and participate in the Stroll. Don’t dawdle! It’s a limited edition and when they’re gone, they’re gone. The badges are given courtesy of The Hat Magazine, a magazine for hat lovers and professionals.