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barcelona, March 2nd – April 23rd, 2023

An important part of the Barcelona Hat Days, OVER THE TOP is an international hat exhibition that will be hosted at “Artesanía de Catalunya” headquartes in the heart of the Gothic Quarter .

First of all let us thank you for participating in this pre-selection. As much as we would like to welcome all milliners to participate, there are three reasons why a pre-selection has to be made:

  • The space is limited.
  • A high level of excellence is required.
  • Only professional/fellow milliners that belong to Millinery Associations will be able to take part.

You can check the Terms and Conditions on this link: ???

Personal information

Only professional/fellow members of Millinery Associations can participate in this exhibition.

Tell us about your HAT*

*When we talk about hats we encompass all types of headgear.
A hat as awesome as yours deserves a name!
Like blocking, wiring, dyeing, block making, 3d printing, etc.

Upload photos of your creation